Introducing FlightDeck by CoPilotXR

Isaiah Smith
Technical Director & Lead Unreal Engine Supervisor
Reid Valmestad
Director of Business Development & Operations

We're very excited to introduce FlightDeck, our brand new #AI tool allowing creators to control Unreal Engine 5 like never before.

With FlightDeck, creators can harness the full power of UE5 in a new and intuitive way - all without leaving the engine.

The video below shows how FlightDeck integrates seamlessly with external platforms like Cesium and Google Maps, allowing users to control the engine using simple conversational prompts.We jumped head first into the world of virtual production years ago and found Unreal Engine to be incredibly powerful, but quite overwhelming to learn. Drawing on our filmmaking roots, we wondered: 'Can we make this easier for creators like us to control?'

That question has been at the heart of our work ever since.We invite you to join the crew as we continue to redefine what's possible with Unreal Engine.

Secure your early access to FlightDeck today (it's free!) -- We hope to have a beta version available for testing in the coming weeks, if you're interested in learning more and staying updated as this product is developed subscribe to our newsletter and check back often! 

This page will stay updated with news as information becomes available.

We're so excited to share that the FlightDeck Beta is now available for free! A download link will be instantly shared with you once you sign-up for development updates from CoPilot. Check out the link below.


Last Updated: August 14, 2023.

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