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The Future is Virtual.

CoPilotXR is an interactive studio that specializes in extended-reality virtual production. Our experience, technology, and workflows have been carefully designed to provide our clients with industry-leading in-camera visual effects (ICVFX) for productions of any size.




Game engines such as Unreal Engine unlock the power, flexibility, and interactivity of XR virtual productions. Allows ability to visualize content earlier in the production process and make changes to the environment on the fly.



A large array of LED panels that are used to portray sets and background environments created in virtual reality. The LED Volume creates maximum flexibility for the production teams to make on-set changes, and enables the best performances from actors by displaying environments that are both real and immersive. (Not sure about the wording of this)



Advanced motion tracking systems allow production teams to move objects around on their set as well as experiment with camera angles and lighting - while the LED volume displays the changes of the virtual environment in real-time. 



A team of engineers, artists, and technicians responsible for managing the virtual assets being displayed on the LED Volume. They control the virtual set using tools such as Unreal Engine, advanced motion tracking systems, multi-user sessions, and more.



State-of-the-art facility built for various types of productions. The soundstage houses the LED Volume and all other production equipment necessary to support productions of all sizes.