Introducing FlightDeck by CoPilot: control Unreal Engine using the power of AI

Released on
October 10, 2023


CoPilotXR Launches FlightDeck: An Advanced and Intuitive Way to Control Unreal Engine 5 using the Power of AI

CoPilotXR, a leading name in the virtual production industry, is very excited to release the beta of FlightDeck - their brand new AI tool that allows users to control Unreal Engine 5 like never before.

With FlightDeck, creators can harness the full power of AI in UE5 without leaving the engine. FlightDeck integrates seamlessly with external platforms such as Cesium and Google Maps, allowing users to control the engine using simple conversational prompts.

The unveiling of FlightDeck, a groundbreaking AI integration into Unreal Engine 5, marks a significant leap forward in virtual production. Merging the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) with Unreal Engine's capabilities, FlightDeck empowers content creators to unlock new possibilities of creativity. This powerful tool automates various Unreal Engine processes, allowing creators to focus on shaping their visions without being hindered by technical intricacies.

FlightDeck introduces an era of seamless interaction between conversational input and technological innovation. By harnessing the synergy between ChatGPT and Unreal Engine 5, creators gain an unprecedented level of control and automation. This translates into the ability to effortlessly generate tessellated meshes, detailed textures, and captivating visuals, unleashing a new wave of creative possibilities. FlightDeck is a powerful tool for location scouting, pre-visualization, aerial flyovers, title sequences, and motion graphics.

Reid Valmestad, Director of Business Development & Operations at CoPilotXR, shares his excitement about the launch:

"FlightDeck is a game-changer for virtual production and interactive digital media design as a whole. It redefines how creators engage with Unreal Engine 5, streamlining their workflows and empowering them to focus on storytelling and innovation."

This launch marks a pivotal moment not only for CoPilotXR but for the entire virtual production industry. FlightDeck stands as a testament to CoPilotXR's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with virtual content creation. This is just the beginning, the development team at CoPilotXR is hard at work on exciting updates and features for upcoming releases of FlightDeck. As the industry continues to evolve, FlightDeck sets a new standard for user interaction, creativity, and integration within Unreal Engine 5.

The official beta release of FlightDeck is available for download now. Learn more about and download FlightDeck here.