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Released on
June 26, 2023


CoPilotXR Partners with to Transform Ordinary Spaces into Extraordinary 3D Digital Assets

CoPilotXR is thrilled to announce our partnership with, a leading innovator in the realm of AI-powered 3D environment creation. Together, we are set to revolutionize the way ordinary spaces are transformed into captivating 3D digital assets, using the fusion of cutting-edge technology and creative prowess.

At the heart of this groundbreaking collaboration lies, an advanced AI tool that gives life to 3D environments tailored for render engines like Houdini and Unreal Engine. Unlike conventional methods relying on photogrammetry, VolingaAI harnesses the power of Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) to bring about this transformation.

NeRF, a technology that exceeds traditional boundaries, redefines the process of capturing and recreating 3D spaces. It operates by leveraging sophisticated AI models to understand the radiance, encompassing color and brightness, of light interacting with objects. This understanding empowers the AI to calculate the geometry of the environment, even in areas that may not have been fully captured by the input visuals. The result is a stunningly accurate 3D representation.

The journey begins with capturing the environment through simple videos.'s guidance ensures the right camera moves for optimal results. The critical takeaway? Keep moving—except for vertical jib shots, of course. With the input footage in hand, the magic of NeRF unfolds, transforming the recorded scenes into intricate 3D assets.

Reinforcing their partnership's prowess, CoPilotXR and VolingaAI have unveiled a captivating video exemplifying the potential of this innovative approach. The video showcases the seamless transition from an ordinary space to an astonishing 3D digital asset, highlighting the transformation's accuracy and visual splendor.

"The convergence of CoPilot Co.'s creative vision and VolingaAI's advanced technology exemplifies the potent synergy of innovation and imagination. This partnership opens doors to new dimensions of artistic expression and digital creativity," remarked Reid Valmestad, Director of Business Development and Operations at CoPilotXR.

Experience the extraordinary transformation firsthand by watching the video and exploring's capabilities for yourself. The union of CoPilotXR and paves the way for the future of UE5 and AI, promising a thrilling era of immersive storytelling and digital exploration.

About VolingaAI

VolingaAI is an innovative force in AI-powered 3D environment creation. Pioneering the utilization of Neural Radiance Fields, VolingaAI empowers creative professionals to transform ordinary spaces into stunning 3D digital assets. The fusion of technology and creativity heralds a new era of immersive storytelling and visual expression.