CoPilot Co. and Brompton Technology showcase TrueLight™

Released on
July 17, 2023


CoPilotXR and Brompton Technology Come Together to Illuminate the Future of Virtual Production with TrueLight™

CoPilotXR is excited to announce our partnership with Brompton Technology, the trailblazers in LED processing. This collaboration showcases the brand new technology created by Brompton,TrueLight, which is set to redefine the standard of LED panel lighting.

For filmmakers, the allure of LED volumes for virtual production lies in the capacity to reproduce realistic lighting and reflections while on-set. However, RGB lighting's inherent colour interference can lead to issues in overall colour accuracy, its limitations becoming evident especially in skin tones due to compromised white balance.

Brompton Technology enters the scene with an innovative solution. Introducing TrueLight, a revolutionary LED panel lighting technology designed to surpass the limitations of traditional RGB panels. By using Brompton’s “Dynamic Calibration”, TrueLight ensures impeccable colour accuracy and control, elevating LED panel lighting and control over RGB panel’s spectral output.

"This collaboration has provided us with an excellent opportunity to highlight TrueLight and its game-changing benefits for virtual production. It allows us to share a snippet of the future of LED processing for anyone looking to discover the latest technological advancements in the industry." commented Cesar Caceres, Product Lead, Brompton Technology.

Complementing TrueLight's brilliance, Brompton's Tessera G1 receiver card takes center stage as the market's most potent receiver card. This synergy between TrueLight and the Tessera G1 guarantees optimal performance and outcomes.

The CoPilot team's firsthand experience underscores TrueLight's excellence. A visit to Brompton at InfoComm 2023 in Florida affirmed the technology's authenticity. TrueLight delivered on all fronts, dispelling any skepticism. While human eyes may not immediately notice the colour shift from RGB's false white on LED volumes, this discrepancy becomes glaring in camera footage and post-production.

“TrueLight stands as a cutting edge solution for achieving precise colour and skin tones when using LED walls in virtual production, and we’re glad to show it off to our audience.The team here at CoPilot is very excited to amplify the groundbreaking work Brompton Technology is doing, drawing attention to detail within our informative Youtube video.” added Austin MacKay.

Discover the power of TrueLight and unlock the true potential of LED panel lighting. Immerse yourself in a world where colour accuracy, control, and captivating visuals unite, setting unprecedented industry standards. Brompton Technology continues to redefine the possibilities of LED technology, igniting a future illuminated by TrueLight.

About Brompton Technology

Brompton Technology is the market leader in LED video processing for live events, film and television. Its Tessera system is used on everything from huge global world tours to pioneering virtual production and XR studios.

Brompton is at the forefront of technology within the LED video sector and launched the revolutionary Dynamic Calibration approach to LED panel calibration to achieve previously unattainable levels of panel performance.