CoPilot Co. at SIRT Centre at Pinewood Studios

Released on
January 11, 2022


CoPilot Co. Expands Virtual Production Capabilities with SIRT Centre at Pinewood Studios

CoPilot Co., known for its innovative approach to visual storytelling, has recently taken a significant step in enhancing its Virtual Production skills and knowledge. The team embarked on a journey to Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) at  Pinewood Studios in Toronto, Canada, aiming to explore and learn from the expansive possibilities of a fully equipped virtual production facility.

Deepening Understanding of Virtual Production

CoPilot Co. has been diligently building its toolkit of virtual production processes, creating compelling visuals using smaller versions of the technology. The aspiration to experience and learn from large-scale virtual production led the team to the doors of Pinewood Studios, a place synonymous with high-quality film production.

A Learning Experience at Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios, with its roots in the UK, is celebrated for its world-class facilities and has been the backdrop for some of the most iconic productions, including Marvel, 007, and Harry Potter films. The venture to shoot at such a prestigious studio was a project two years in the making and was fueled by a desire to understand the intricacies of the real-time technology used in productions like the Mandalorian.

Specialized Training at SIRT

To lay the groundwork for their short film “Imagine,” the team engaged in specialized training at the Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) located within Pinewood Studios. SIRT, one of Canada’s few Unreal Engine Authorized Training Centres, played a pivotal role in helping the team utilize ICVFX virtual production workflows, enhance tech calibration skills, and gain hands-on experience with the technology.

Crafting “Imagine”

The creation of “Imagine” required detailed storyboarding and a blend of physical and virtual elements to create the final scenes. The team navigated through various challenges, adjusting prop details and ensuring the realism of the virtual environment, pushing the boundaries of their understanding of filmmaking and the capabilities of virtual production.

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