Partnership with LG Electronics and Mo-Sys Engineering—InfoComm 2023

Virtual Production Stage Management

Project Overview

At InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, Florida, LG Electronics set to debut their brand new LG MAGNIT LED tiles, developed explicitly for In-Camera Virtual Effects (ICVFX) virtual production. Featuring a durable black surface coating and chip-on-board technology, this LED tile was designed to meet the demanding needs of virtual production studios. In order for LG to show off their new state-of-the-art technology, they partnered with the team at CoPilotXR to showcase their LED tiles in their best light.

The Challenge

LG Electronics’ core team was based in Seoul, South Korea. In order to prepare for LG’s debut, the team at CoPilotXR had coordinate creative and workflow meetings with partners across 4 different worldwide time zones. To properly showcase the XR virtual production workflow, LG and CoPilotXR choose to partner with Mo-Sys Engineering out of the United Kingdom, and Megapixel VR out of Los Angeles, California.

The Outcome

With two professional performers from South Korea, and a handful of 3D ICVFX environments, CoPilotXR worked as the on-set virtual production team to properly demonstrate the real-time set extensions and seamless integration between virtual and real worlds with Mo-Sys VP Pro. The LG booth drew an impressive crowd of over 30,000 attendees from over 115 countries.

"Partnerships are essential in the virtual production industry. Having partners like CoPilot, who know how to create content that shines on the LED wall, is invaluable."

Andy Beaudet

Senior Account Manager