ExxonMobil Chooses CoPilotXR to elevate their in-house video production studio

Full Service XR Virtual Production Studio Build
Virtual Production Studio + Immersive 3D Environment

Project Overview

With their own in-house video production team, ExxonMobil wanted to find a solution that would allow them to transition away from the need to shoot their productions physically on-location and instead develop a system that better suited their tight turnaround timelines and reduce time on-set. In order to do this, ExxonMobil needed a partner with experience in virtual production technology, 3D environment development, and the resources to upskill and train their in-house video production team.

The Challenge

ExxonMobil first reached out to the team at CoPilotXR to learn about how they could optimize their in-house video production workflows. Logistically, it was becoming apparent that ExxonMobil was in need of a solution that allowed them to shoot more content in less time. They needed to minimize shooting time, expenses and post-production editing time for their video and communications projects.

The Outcome

After several discovery meetings between the team at ExxonMobil and CoPilotXR, it was clear that an XR virtual production studio build is what their in-house team required in order to effectively achieve their goals. CoPilotXR custom designed and built an XR virtual production studio that fit the specific needs of ExxonMobil’s team. This build included 4x motion tracked cameras, 5x custom built XR workstations and the studio itself, capable of achieving In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX).

CoPilotXR also built an extensive and elaborate 3D environment in Unreal Engine 5, allowing the production crew to film in multiple locations without ever leaving their in-house studio. After installing this state-of-the-art technology, CoPilotXR developed and implemented a training plan that would allow the ExxonMobil crew to use their XR virtual production studio and 3D environments independently. This immediately created cost savings on travel time to physical set locations across the United States and beyond, and significantly decreased the time required post-production from their in-house team.