Environment Public Health Officer Recruitment Campaign

Indigenous Services Canada - Government of Canada
Corporate Video
2x Edited Videos, with B-roll and interviews

Project Overview

As part of the Environmental Health Officer Recruitment Campaign, we partnered with the teams at Indigenous Services Canada to highlight what makes this critical role so important within community.

By creating dynamic and cinematic short form content that can easily be shared on social media and official channels, both teams aimed to create a product that was educational and engaging to appeal to Indigenous youth across Canada and present Environmental Public Health Officers (EPHOs) as potential career opportunities to the next generation.

This role is diverse, exciting, and important to so many communities within Canada, and it was important to showcase that to Canadians.

The Challenge

Indigenous Services Canada approached our teams with the very specific goal of producing a video highlighting the role of the Environmental Public Health Officer, that could be engaging to a youth audience.

The Outcome

The goal of this project was to create two introduction videos in both English and French that could be used as the baseline for ongoing recruitment and further development of additional video features. The teams from Indigenous Services Canada have been thrilled with the delivered assets and the online engagement from these videos is already trending positive.

"Their attention to detail, creative approach, and commitment to excellence were evident from initial conversations through to the final products."

Ian Grimwood

Manager for Indigenous Services Canada