A Big Run—Malapad’s Marathon

Event Coverage
4K Documentary

Project Overview

A Big Run represents the commitment, dedication, and passion that many community athletes share amongst one another. It aims to inspire viewers by showcasing the raw emotions, challenges, and sacrifices that many athletes feel and overcome when they train for their own personal milestones.

Collaborating with market leaders and the community outreach team at lululemon, we developed an in-depth video strategy to best capture Sweat Ambassador Junel Malapad’s 7-day run across the province in support of mental health awareness. We accomplished this by identifying key dates and locations for capturing moments that best showcase Junel’s story.

The Challenge

For lululemon, an American-Canadian athletic apparel retailer, they are driven by real connections and stories that motivate their communities to get sweaty and make a difference.

The goal of this project was to follow lululemon Sweat Ambassador, Junel Malapad, as he ran 490 kilometers across the entire province of Manitoba in support of mental health awareness.

The Outcome

Celebrating the end of Junel Malapad’s lululemon ambassador contract by honouring his commitment to physical and mental health, wellness, and athletic endeavour with a documentary style video covering his cross-province run, his community engagement, and legacy of charity and support.

This video will be used personally by Junel but also shared and highlighted in community with lululemon.

“CoPilot had a clear vision that translated into a visually stunning and emotionally packed video. When I first watched it, I was literally shaking with deep emotion. The timing and flow of the video portrayed my journey, better than I could have ever expected.”

Junel Malapad

Lululemon Ambassador