InfoComm 2023

Austin MacKay
Director of Virtual Production
Reid Valmestad
Director of Business Development & Operations

In partnership with LG Electronics and Mo-Sys Engineering, CoPilotXR made waves at InfoComm 2023 — a leading audiovisual and technology conference held in Orlando, Florida from June 10-16, 2023.

CoPilotXR Team making adjustments to the XR output

Together with LG Electronics, CoPilotXR’s on-set virtual production team helped showcase the latest LG MAGNIT display products, designed specifically for ICVFX virtual production. LG’s show-stopping booth, brought in over 30,000 attendees from over 115 different countries.

Andy Beaudet, Senior Account Manager, DVLED, Broadcast and Live Events, LG Electronics, said, “Partnerships are crucial to this industry because no one can do it all themselves. Having content creation partners that really understand how to build the proper content for the LED wall to make it really shine and be a virtual environment on camera are essential… it can be a difficult path to take sometimes, but if you know how to do it and do it well, like the folks at CoPilot do, you’ll be in great shape.”

[Left] Austin MackKay - CoPilotXR || [Middle] Andy Beaudet - LG Electronics || [Right] Michael Geissler - Mo-Sys Engineering.

A significant highlight of the show was the unveiling of the new LG MAGNIT virtual production studio Micro LED. Engineered with a resilient black coating on the surface, and COB [Chip on board] technology, this addition caters particularly to the demanding nature of virtual production studios.

InfoComm 2023 - LG MAGNIT Demo
InfoComm 2023 - LG MAGNIT Demo

CoPilotXR Virtual Production Technician configuring Mo-Sys Startracker on-site at InfoComm 2023

“The virtual production industry is constantly changing. At CoPilot, we’re proud to partner with companies like LG and MoSys who are constantly pushing the industry forward,” shared Reid Valmestad, Director of Business Development & Operations at CoPilotXR.

In our efforts to push the boundaries of virtual production technology, CoPilot has also partnered with Mo-Sys Engineering to showcase the power of using XR for virtual production, with their tool VP Pro XR. CoPilotXR’s production team were able to achieve real-time set extensions and enable seamless integration between the virtual world and the real one.

“At CoPilot, we are excited to push the limits of what’s possible in the world of virtual production,” stated Austin MacKay, Director of Virtual Production.

CoPilot XR Camera Operator on-set at InfoComm 2023

But InfoComm 2023 wasn't solely about demonstrating groundbreaking hardware technologies. It also represented an opportunity for CoPilotXR to continue pushing the virtual production industry forward through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge workflows. By collaborating with industry leaders like LG Electronics and Mo-Sys Engineering, CoPilotXR aims to continue delivering immersive content experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from CoPilotXR as we continue to navigate the exciting world of XR virtual production.

CoPilot XR Team at InfoComm 2023

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