How Brompton TrueLight® is Changing the way we Light for ICVFX

Beth Mutch
Video Producer + Project Manager

Currently, most studios rely on RGB technology to light their scene, and while that's been the industry standard for a while now, it doesn't mean it comes without fault.

For filmmakers, the appeal of shooting within an LED volume is the accuracy and power of producing realistic reflections and lighting, which can quickly become the problem if the colour from those same lights interferes with overall colour accuracy.

RGB panels are great for direct view but may not always be sufficient when they are lighting a scene.

RGB lighting relies on a three-diode system, which means that achieving a true white light is inherently challenging. The blending of red, green, and blue lights in theory falls short of producing a genuine white.

Basically, an RGB LED panel only has the colour wavelengths necessary to make Red, Green, and Blue light, fortunately, those are the three colours of light that the human eye is able to see, so when we're looking at the combination of these colours on screen everything looks correct.

The problem becomes evident when you're looking at objects interacting with this light on set, natural light contains the entire spectrum of light,  the way that light and colour interact outside of our vision is very different. Certain colours absorb or reflect varying amounts of colour from light, which means an object that reflects light wavelengths for red, orange, and yellow, but absorbs light wavelengths for green, blue, and violet, under an LED light that only has the diode for red light that object is going to look more red than it normally would, even when the three diodes are combined to simulate white.

A side by side comparison of Josh being illuminated by RGB panels with and without Brompton's TrueLight technology active.

The white light produced by RGB panels have limited output at certain wavelengths and colours in the scene that are within these missing wavelengths will not look accurate when lit by RGB this becomes especially important for keeping skin tones looking natural.

Fortunately, Brompton Technology has a solution to this limitation, offering a breakthrough technology that unlocks the possibility of true white light.

How has Brompton helped solve these problems?

Well, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the newest revolutionary LED panel lighting technology: TrueLight.

TrueLight is a breakthrough innovation developed by Brompton to drive panels with extra emitters, guaranteeing unparalleled colour accuracy and superior control. By incorporating additional emitters, this technology ensures that LED panels produce high-quality lighting with accurate and calibrated colours.

One of the key advantages of TrueLight is its ability to overcome the limitations of traditional RGB panels that often result in unnatural skin tones, due to not retaining an accurate white balance. Brompton's cutting-edge technology offers improvement and control over the spectral output of RGB panels.

How is this possible?

The answer lies in Brompton's Dynamic calibration, a calibration system that goes beyond the capabilities of calibrating just three emitters. This unique feature sets Brompton apart from the competition, allowing for precise colour calibration across multiple emitters.

To complement TrueLight, Brompton's Tessera G1 receiver card takes centre stage as the most powerful receiver card in the market. This powerful combination of TrueLight technology and the Tessera G1 ensures optimal performance and results.

Is it too good to be true?

The CoPilot team travelled to Florida to meet with the team from Brompton at InfoComm 2023 to see the process in real life and learn more from the experts themselves, and the verdict is in: it's not!

Brompton Technology Banner from their booth at InfoComm 2023

TrueLight lives up to all its claims and delivers on its promises. The difference between RGB lighting and TrueLight is truly remarkable and must be seen side by side to be fully appreciated.

When working on LED volumes, a slight shift in colour from the  false white produced by RGB lights is less noticeable to the human eye, but on camera and in post production that loss of colour accuracy becomes extremely apparent and isn't always easily corrected. Fortunately TrueLight works to create natural accurate lighting avoiding the problem altogether later down the line.

With Brompton’s new technology, the future of LED panel lighting looks brighter than ever. Say goodbye to inaccurate colours and hello to a new era of vibrant and true-to-life lighting. Brompton's groundbreaking innovation is set to revolutionise the industry, providing professionals with the tools they need to create captivating visual experiences.

Experience the power of TrueLight and unlock the full potential of LED panel lighting. Discover a world where colour accuracy, control, and stunning visuals converge, setting new standards in the industry. Brompton has once again raised the bar with their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in LED technology.

Virtual Production is an ever-evolving field, and with its constant challenges, it's crucial to stay ahead of the game. Fortunately, Brompton Technology is at the forefront of LED processing, ready to tackle any obstacles that come our way.

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