The Mo-Sys Academy Experience


The Mo-Sys Academy Experience

Are you ready to take your virtual production skills to the next level?

As a team here at CoPilot, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to level-up our virtual production skillsets. With so many brands, production tools, and “best practices” fighting to become the standard of virtual production, there is no shortage of available introductory courses, virtual production incubators, and industry commentary to get you started.

The questions for us, the creatives, the filmmakers, and the tech enthusiasts, is which of these programs is the best? If you really want to make a name for yourself in virtual production, where exactly do you start? More importantly, in an industry that’s evolving rapidly day to day, how do you ensure the information you’re getting is up to date and legitimate?

We are staunch believers that the best place for info is always the source.

That’s where Mo-Sys comes in.

A grid of productions that Mo-Sys has been a partner on
Mo-Sys is an engineering company, a robotics company and a production partner in these movies and more… Yeah. They know what they’re doing.

In the world of virtual production, Mo-Sys is best known for their motion tracking systems — the Mo-Sys StarTracker. Recently they’ve also announced the next generation of virtual production camera tracking, the StarTracker Mini and StarTracker Max systems.

They’ve been developing products in the optical tracking space for 25 years - like we said… they KNOW what they’re doing!

If you aren’t already well versed in exactly what Camera Tracking is, does, and what it means within Virtual Production — don’t worry we’ve got you covered with all the details in our previous blog post “The Secret to XR Virtual Production”.

As a quick refresher, motion tracking for virtual production is primarily sorted into two categories: outside-in systems and inside-out systems. (The Mo-Sys StarTracker is an example of an inside-out tracking system)

Each have their own benefits, and each have their own complexities especially when using them on an actual film set.

Camera tracking for virtual production isn’t just something you show up to set and use without any experience. It is a very precise tool when used properly and a complete headache when not.

Luckily now you can now avoid the headache entirely (or at least know what to do when issues come up).

Mo-Sys has taken their extensive experience working with productions, the expertise of their knowledgeable virtual production technicians, and their facility to create the Mo-Sys Academy — a unique hands on opportunity to master virtual production techniques and workflows.

With all of that said, it only made sense that the CoPilot crew would take a little flight from Canada to England to get some hands-on training from the experts through the Mo-Sys Academy.

But what does the academy actually offer? Well according to their website:

  • You’ll learn from industry experts with their technology, in their space.
  • You’ll gain hands on experience with their gear, learning their techniques
  • You’ll create a piece of virtual production content for your reel
  • AND you’ll get to network with creators who are involved with Virtual Production across the world.

Our team went out specifically for their Masterclass focusing on Virtual Production for LED Volumes, but it’s important to note that this isn’t the only offering through the academy — they have something for everyone from beginner to expert.

OPERATING VIRTUAL PRODUCTION — This course is a 5-day experience that focuses on virtual production workflows, technical knowledge, and operational standards for green screen application

THE FULL VIRTUAL PRODUCTION FOUNDATION — This 10-day course is designed to cover it all, walk in with a general idea of what virtual production is and walk out with the knowledge to operate a full production in a green screen or LED studio.

MASTERCLASS: VIRTUAL PRODUCTION FOR LED VOLUMES - This course is designed for industry professionals, taking you more in-depth on workflows and techniques for working on LED walls, Set Extensions, and combining it all with Unreal Engine.

The best part about all of these courses is that the course instructors have real life experience working with production companies and clients like Netflix, BBC, FIFA and more, on film, tv, and broadcast applications.

This new wave of virtual production focused heavily on XR experiences and In-Camera VFX is leaving it’s infancy behind. The use-case and application of these techniques is becoming more nuanced every day and the goal post of quality content in this space is advancing with it.

That’s not to say you can’t participate at any skill level, in fact this industry is in a constant state of education and has a huge need for passionate, new, and crossover talent.

But, as these techniques become legitimized tools in the industry, the expectations, workflows, and output will homogenize into a standard for productions.

That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of new technologies and learning new workflows.

CoPilot Crew on location at Mo-Sys Engineering

What makes this hands-on experience at the Mo-Sys academy one of the best options for learning right now?

Companies like Mo-Sys are constantly pushing the boundaries for what virtual production can accomplish — from camera robotics, real-time set extension, and their Cinematic XR Focus — Mo-Sys is constantly developing tools that remove barriers between creative idea and practical application.

As a student at the Mo-Sys Academy you’re in a unique position to work hands-on with industry leading technology without any consequences.

Being able to see how all of these systems interact, test different inputs and the impact they have on final output in a stress-free environment became so valuable to the learning experience.

All of this while supported by knowledgeable technicians that could work one-on-one to troubleshoot and experiment with you.

This experience proved to be incredibly valuable for our crew — the things we learnt during our time with the team at Mo-Sys will carry forward with our future and ongoing XR Client Consultations and ICVFX Productions.

Not only did this masterclass give us experience with the virtual production systems on both green screen and LED but it left us with valuable connections and access to the Mo-Sys support team for any future support we may need.

On top of all that, our team received certifications signalling the completion of the training and our ability to set-up and operate the full suite of Mo-Sys hardware and software.

If this course sounds like something you’d be interested in, we couldn’t recommend it more — get more information about the courses and how to sign up here.

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