ProAim FlyCam - Basic Flowline

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ProAim Flycam Basic Flowline

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ProAim FlyCam - Basic Flowline 180 shown worn on a mannequin body over a white background

Flycam Basic Flowline with 180° Rotation - a comfortable support vest fulfils multiple production needs!

We understand, extended handheld camerawork can prove to be a backbreaker. The Flycam Flowline takes the weight off your shoulders and arms and redistributes it across the entire back using the Comfortable and Breathable Body Harness

The weight redistribution, letting you hold the camera steady for longer duration without fatigue, resulting in smoother and steadier shots. The top bar with 180° rotation capability allows easy camera movements in different angles. The Support rope also adds an additional point of contact which reduces vibrations.

This system has been designed to accommodate all camera and gimbal setups between 3kg/6.5lbs and 8kg/17.5lbs.

Key Features:

|  180° Rotation | Carry Capacity 3 - 8kg | Adjustable Tension |

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