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Super Viser Clamp

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Close-Up on the jaw of a Super Viser Clamp

Super Viser Clamp is built with an aluminum die casting body making it sturdy and lightweight. The moveable jaws are designed for mounting on the tubes or planks up to 228mm. With the innovative grooved design on the threaded shaft, both jaws can be kept in the same direction all the way. In addition to the 16mm pin terminated at the end of shaft, the unique design of a 16mm socket is also built on the clampKey

Key Features:

|  Securely Mounts any shape up to 23cm | Moveable Jaw | Sturdy + Lightweight |

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Tech Specs:

Series: Super Viser
Model: 23cm
Weight: 0.9kg
Height: 2cm
Length: 40.8cm
Width: 17.8cm
Maximum Payload Capacity: 30kg
Maximum Jaw Diameter: 206.38mm
Minimum Jaw Diameter: 12.7mm
Primary Material: Steel
Secondary Material: Aluminium
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